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Helping a not for profit grow by generating ideas that generate change.
Every day, people from around the world visit the War Child Organization; starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters and working with decision makers to create solutions. Despite that War Child is one of the biggest social change platforms for children displaced and affected by violence, the membership base lacked considerably, which is elemental to core business growth and social impact that is so central to the company vision.
People everywhere are becoming more engaged with their local communities, national topics, and global platforms, and they’re doing it faster and easier than ever within the culture of social sharing and quick news cycles. Our goal was to match the expeditious pace of users at the pace of the market, while never willing to compromise on quality to build sustainable growth.
We helped identify common mental blockers that prevented users from joining the War Child membership program. We used continuous A/B testing in key product areas to significantly increase membership sign up rates while reducing churn.