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Our people act as your microphone, comment card, round table, billboard and therapist's office all in one neatly wrapped package. We take what you're already doing, make it better than you thought it could be, and then we make it better than that. We publish on-brand, well-written, killer content. We turn conversations into leads, squeeze the most value out of your campaign, turn your customers into an army of marketeers, build you an online reputation that even your mother in law would be proud of all while using social listening and analytics tools to advance your strategy and report your successes back to you.

Meet the brains behind your brand


Jan Remer

Founder | Director, Marketing and Communications

Creative at Heart | Serial Entrepreneur | Visionary Leader
With over a decade of award-winning marketing experience, Jan spearheads creative direction of BLABBLY. He is passionate about conceptualizing and designing ways for brands to communicate with authenticity and heart. He leads our creative team to push boundaries, striving for smart, disruptive work that goes beyond aesthetics.
If not now, when?

Alex Normandin

Founder | Director, Sales and Business Development

Passion-Driven | Experience Educated | Relationship Cultivating
As the director of sales and business development, Alex oversees operations for BLABBLY. In the day-to-day, he leads account management and onboarding for enterprise clients and partners. Alex drives initiatives in operational efficiency by fostering best practices for business profitability and sustainability. He has played a vital role in helping the agency increase market share and valuation.
Regret is Fuel.

Smit Patel

Director of Web Development

Organized | Innovative | Self-Motivated
With world-class knowledge of web development, Smit can expeditiously innovate real-time solutions to real-world problems effectively and positively impacting high level business client growth and ROI through the development of highly intuitive and interactive UX/UI that distinguishes our clients.

With over 4 years of senior experience working in the Software Industry with proficiencies in Javascript, Nginx, Docker, Wordpress, UI/UX, C#, Java and many more, Smit continues to be a driving force and partner at BLABBLY
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Bea Alfafara

Creative Design Specialist

Aesthetic | Innovative | Passionate
As a Brand Identity and Creative Design Specialist, Bea has complete control over that "first impression." At a high level, she converts the creative direction at BLABBLY into a highly visible identity that captures the essence of our client's most core belief systems. Continued education on the latest graphic design trends and brand fashion, she is able to create visually appealing digital content through her lens and creative mind.
Expression is survival.

Anurag Warring

Graphic Designer / Developer

Music | Art | Code
As electrical engineer by trade, Anurag has built a strong foundation in the area of computer linguistics and coding. His ardent work ethic in both development and graphic design were born of passion and self-taught.

As an intern at BLABBLY, he continues to bolster his skillset with a focus on small business brand design and web development.
Enjoy making mistakes. They yield exponential growth

Arash Shirin

Web Design Specialist

Forward Thinking | Simplistically Effective | Eternal Optimist
As Director of Design and Technology Development, Arash brings a wealth of experience to BLABBLY. He is the catalyst behind the agency’s human-centric approach to design, and has played an important role in building our lean branding and user experience products. Arash leads our team of highly-talented designers to deliver exceptional results.
Mindset is everthing.
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