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Directing unique mobile lead generation campaigns to further fortress a leading coffee brand.
Tim Horton’s is Canada’s top-rated coffee chain and QSR with fanfare from locals and tourists alike. The brand has a loyal following; however, with emerging competitors many franchisees lacked the local store marketing plan to fortress their customer base and optimize conversion rates to further increase same restaurant sales growth.
We knew customers were drinking coffee daily with their mobile device in hand, so it was important we created lead generation tools that were mobile-responsive with imagery that reminds customers that it isn’t just any coffee, but rather their Tims’
Taking into consideration market demographics, competition, and opportunities, we built a lead generation campaign that drove strong engagement with Tim Horton’s core products through the implementation of a geolocation-based incentive program, powered by cleverly crafted content pushed out across an expansive 300k local network which yielded a measurable market wide growth of 8% or $8.5M