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Using Human Insights to Unlock New Brand Truth.
Every aspect of Reebok’s digital communication needs to balance targeted tactical goals with the awe-inspiring storytelling that defines the Reebok brand. This effort demands distilling brand communication ideas generated for a global scale into more local and customized experiences that enable individual customers to engage with Reebok on a one-to-one basis.
Every day, consumers and local influencers broadcast their sweat and hard work on multiple channels. Each of these chroniclers represents a unique opportunity to foster an authentic consumer relationship.
From retail to mobile to social and CRM, we developed a series of digital solutions that help translate Reebok’s global message in more targeted ways for individual consumers. Digital kiosks at retail helped strengthen customer database for awareness-building communications. Mobile experience was improved to engage fans’ passions and drives advocacy via social sharing. Engagement via influencers and social channels helped foster awareness, consideration, ownership and advocacy. Redesigned CSR experience helped drive awareness and advocacy by showcasing Reebok’s social impact.